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Property History

This property is remembered as the Springfield Woolen Mills. In 1903, a family from Franklin, Kentucky moved to Springfield to use their skills of creating blankets from wool. On April 30, 1903, the Springfield Woolen Mill was established. The first blanket was created in 1904, and many more blankets were produced and distributed to department stores and the U.S. Army. This became the largest woolen mill in the U.S. and provided blankets for American soldiers during World War I and World War II. This property was later purchased by NASCO, where much of the Springfield community was employed. NASCO produced marketing supplies for schools to use in fundraising. These buildings still hold much significance to the Springfield community, yet have been vacant for the last 20 years.

Our Vision for the Woolen Mills

Southern States Construction is honored to be able to restore this property and bring life back into this historic icon with many stories. The majority of the top floor of the main building will offer a breath-taking event venue for weddings, galas, corporate meetings, and everything in between.  The room will feature the original 119-year old ceiling trusses, wonderful patinaed brick, and large paned windows.  A stunningly-furnished bridal suite, groom's suite and catering prep kitchen will round out this space. 


The bottom floors will house Southern States Construction new offices, and other space will be available for retail, food & beverage and services. The former boiler room/coal room is slated to become an upscale restaurant, while other buildings might contain a boutique hotel or luxury apartments and more.


We are thrilled to begin the journey of preserving the historic significance of these buildings while creating a popular destination for our community!

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27 North Main Street, Springfield, TN, United States, Tennessee

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